...and lucky me, I've got three of 'em.

My fascination with music started at a young age like so many other musicians who are forced to write about themselves for their website. I've been singing since I could talk, pushing buttons on stereo receivers since I could stand and writing music since I realized it made me feel good to do it. Fast forward 37 years and I've played shows with industry legends, recorded and produced for dozens over dozens of clients, taught audio engineering both privately and publicly and have written a lot of music I'm in love with along side my favorite collaborators and friends. I'm never more grounded, focused and helpful than when I'm allowed to do what I do best and in all cases (and no matter the professional hat I wear that day) that thing is to serve the song.

Beyond the periphery of ALL THAT, I've also booked shows at the national-act level for more than a decade, organized 1000+ person music festivals and run live sound for entirely too many bands I can't even find links for on the internet. It's a life you can't really plan to lead, but the experiences have made me about as well rounded in the music industry as anyone you'll meet.

Most importantly: I've got a wife, a creative/weird and wonderful pair of step-kids, various fur-centric pets and a YURT. I divide my time between Vermont's Northeast Kingdom and the Bennington, VT area where I maintain both living situations and recording facilities.

photo documentation of my various pursuits below: