Legend:   m/  = mix  /m  = master   /e = engineer /p = producer /v = vocalist /b = bass /g = guitar /k = keys



Fattie B -  Lo Fi Foolishness & Dated References Collaborations & Creations: 1994 Till Now (LP) audio remastering 

Anwar HighSign - The Honorable Freestyle (Single) m/m

Bromethugzine - Thug Zine Issue 001: The Prophecy (LP) m/m

Provisions - Self Help ft. A-F-R-O & Mr. MFN' Beats by Es-K (Single) m/m

Provisions - Triple Rock Steady ft. Wombaticus Rex, Teece Luvv, Nahte Renmus (prod. Es-K) (Single) e/m/m

Superspectrum Music Library - The Five Fingers of a Dog (Original Soundtrack)  (LP) /m

GVH -  Wakefield Waltz  (Single) e/m/m/b

Spee - Sugar-Free (EP) m/m/g 

Micah Carbonneau - I Don't Wanna Wait (Single) m/m

Krohme - Let The Beat Remain feat. Kaze Jones, Sankofa, Mvtha Cvla, Wild Pigeon & Matt Scott (Krohmed Out) (Single)  /b

Wombaticus Rex x SKYWISE - Making Friends Online (Single) m/m/e

David Ferm (manyhearamongus) - Second Session (LP) m/m/e


Wombaticus Rex x SKYWISE - Heatwave (Single) m/m

Provisions - Don't Matter (EP) m/m

Provisions - Million Dollar Advance ft. A-F-R-O & Mr MFN' (Single) m/m

Yeti Mane - The Fall Grime Tape (LP) m/m

Quandary - GHOST MINT TAPE (LP) /m

Subtex - The Book of Ezekiel pt. 3 (EP) m/m

Nate Goyette - The War on Comfort (EP) /m/p/b

Big Homie Wes - Bad Man (Single) m/m

Big Homie Wes - Como Se Llama (Single) m/m

Lyndon Institute Jazz Ensemble - Wizard Wheezes  (Single)  e/m/m 

Ed Morgan - Early Folk Songs (LP) /m

Fattie B - Rewarmed Second Servings (EP) m/m

C-Von - Big Dreams (Single) m/m
Ramfornikus - Song for My Dogs (LP) m/m/e

Kingdom All-stars - Banana Peppers (Single) m/m/e

Beard and Glasses - Born at the Wrong Time (LP) m/m/p/b/vx

Russell Silver - The Kids Pizza Gate Redemption (Single) m/m

Russell Silver - Wicked Noreaster (Single) m/m

OTEP - Boss (Krohme Reprise) (EP) /b

Arrested Development - Stop (Krohme Reprise) (Single) /b

Caitlyn Schneiderman - Erinbeachreprise (With Matt Scott) Single /k/b/g/p

Krohme - Legacy (EP) /b

Scott Sound - Desjardin's Way (Single) /m/m/p/e/b/g/k

2022 - Earlier 

Fattie B - GUMBO (LP) m/m/p/b/v

Stefani Capizzi - Here for a While (LP) m/m/b

Jade Relics - Mandarine (EP) m/m/p/g/v/b/k

Quandary - Marigold & Jasmine (EP) (2020 Release) m/m

Sad By Design - We Are Not Sick (LP) /m

Sam Clement - Sail (Single) m/m

Bubba Lou Tugget - Mountain Cat (LP) m/m/b/p

Elder Orange - Stella (EP) m/m/p/e/b/g/k/v

Elder Orange - Bricks in the Bathwater (LP) /p/e/b/g/k/v

Elder Orange - All My Friends Believe in Ghosts (LP) /p/e/b/g/k/v

Elder Orange - Zombie (EP) m/m/e/p/b/g/k/v/

Dr. Quandary & Elder Orange  - I Sing Praises  (A/B Split) m/e/g/b/k/v

The Nektones -  Proof of Concept (LP) /p/v/g/

The Nektones - Pony Boy Hustlin' (EP) /p/v/g

The Nektones -  Send Me (EP) /p/v/g

Kris Gruen - Part of It All (LP) /b/v select tracks

Horse's Mouth - Self Titled (LP) /b/v

Jesse Alejandro & The Big Fatt - Belly Full of Brains (LP) /b/v

Old Robes - Past the Suitors (LP) /b 

Pat Hull - Light (LP) /b

Pat Hull - Marrow (LP) /b 

Dr. Quandary - Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter (LP) /b

Es-k - Gsol feat. Elder Orange (Single) /g/b

Michael Chinworth - Rudder Songs (LP) /b

Michael Chinworth - Goodbye Pleasure Train (LP) /b

Michael Chinworth -  Songs for Plays  (EP) /b 

Cathy Malach - HeartLand  (LP) /b 

Ethan Koss-Smith To Gallery a Cloud Ground (LP) /b 

Cradle Switch - Self Titled (LP) /e 

Casas - Self Titled (LP) /e/m/m/b

Nate Goyette - I Think My Heart Just Stopped (EP) m/m/e/p 

Smoking Ghost - Flores de los Muertos (LP) /b/e