Let me be perfectly clear.........I don't love the continued raping and pillaging of the arts in our public school systems. I also feel that anyone who engages in the arts at a professional level has an unspoken obligation to pay that information forward for the betterment of the craft and the preservation of the skills and ambitions that allow us to continue advancing as bipedal monkeys with big feelings.

In 2019 with the support of the brilliant organization, The Vermont Arts Exchange, BMEX (The Bennington Music Exchange) was founded.

Our goal as audio engineers/educators is/was/will continue to be creating outlets for young songwriters and engineers to learn about the audio recording industry through the framework of, "where does the songwriting end and the engineering and production begin?"

I am currently in the process of reinvigorating these programs both in Northern and Southern Vermont with the intention of having the supported grant underwriting to allow them to continue indefinitely. Our kids deserve it, it's incredibly rewarding and the students end up self recording uber polished songs that end up on the radio(!!!!)

Here's a link to a podcast from the Rutland Herald where myself, ED of the VAE Matthew Perry, and one of our students unpack the process. (THE MAGIC STARTS at the 10m 55s mark)

If you're like me and you think this is a solid idea that can be done bigger, better, and incorporate even more studios and students please reach out at matt@scottsound.studio so that we can chat/collaborate.

Lastly, here's the project our last batch of high school kids dreamed up.