"......is this thing on?"

The baddest band in Southern Vermont since 2010. A duo featuring my good bud Sam Clement -- we Dropped a new record in March of 2023 titled "Born at the Wrong Time" that has been garnering pretty stellar reviews. Listen/Buy the record at the link to the left!

Music For Advertising and Film

The collaborator in me loves the challenge of working with a brand to create a sonic stamp. The composer in me loves the challenge of arranging a piece to convey emotion and intention. The musician in me loves to play whatever the composer comes up with!

I create original audio content for businesses and would be delighted to help you create that signature for your own. Click the link for samples of my commercial music. 

An "alter ego" I made up for myself based on a distant family relative named Orange Scott who served as church elder at the time. Get it? Elder Orange?  Anyway..... this is me in my purest emoting form. Executive production, 100 track songs, high concept.....mixed and mastered by yours truly unless otherwise noted.  My last record "Bricks in the Bathwater" garnered some pretty solid praise which you can read about here. 

Future Soul/Hip-Hop as performed by myself, producer Rico James and Rapper/Producer IAME. 

I sing, play bass, write hooks and otherwise play many random objects as required per tune....also mixing and mastering it. 

My first love. A band too rare to care. Comprised of some of the very favorite people in my life, we've released a smattering of singles, LP's and EP's since 2010. I've written a ton of music for this group that still follows me around a decade after releasing it. We lost our keyboard player (RIP Peter Krag and his sweet soul) a few years back and it's been hard to imagine regrouping since that time but I feel pretty optimistic about it.  PK would want it that way. 

Guitarist Sam Clement, Drummer Adam Turner and I as the ultimate free-rock, psych/trance/dub/metal/sludge improv trio. This Stuff Rips.