"....He's Business IN the front, party in the Back. But Like, Professionally so." 

"I recommend Matt Scott to artists and managers all the time because I know he will deliver for them. He is decades deep into honing his ears, workflow and signal chain on a huge range of projects and genres. He tackles big, ambitious projects and simple, straightforward mixdowns with the same careful attention. Best of all, though, he strives to be invisible and deliver exactly what his clients want. No signature sound, no comfort zone, just an artist helping other artists sound their very best."

            - Justin Boland aka Wombaticus Rex, (Vermontistan,VT

"I had a short deadline left for the (mix/mastering) of my current music CD. Someone gave me Matt Scott's name, so I looked him up and checked out his website. After reading about him, his experience, and love of music - I knew he was the one I would reach out to. I was so surprised and grateful that he was willing to take on the project even with the quick turnaround it needed. I had a very positive experience with him. He was upbeat, supportive, respectful, and gave me great feedback all along the way. He listened to my ideas and immediately created the sound I was going for at each stage. His production skills, musicianship, and search for the best resources for the situation really impressed me. The outcome was exceptional. I'm so glad I ended up working with Matt and I will recommend him to everyone!"

                   - Songwriter, Stefani Capizzi (Stowe, VT) 

"Matt, it was such a pleasure working with you. Not only did you work your ass off getting great sounds and capturing everything, you did it quietly and gracefully. No complaining about technical issues or anything, you just got the job done right and moved things along quickly and efficiently." 

                   - Drummer, Jeff Berlin  (Bow Thayer, Boris McCutcheon)

"Matt Scott has the most trustworthy ears of almost anyone I know, and whether he's mixing & mastering an album or recreating some obscure guitar texture that was a little too degraded to sample, he brings his full arsenal of resources & knowledge to bear every time we work together. His eclectic tastes, deep knowledge & broad range of musical experience put him in a unique position to work in almost any genre, which also makes him a powerful force for good behind the boards, since his only agenda is to make you sound as good as possible."

-Kyle Tierce (Quandary, Massimo e Massimo) Boston, MA

"When I began the work to start my new album GUMBO, multiple people told me that I needed to reach out to a cat named Matt Scott, and that if I did not know who he was (or the talents he possessed) I was in for a pleasant surprise - and also that I would be an idiot not to work with him.  They were right. 

Matt is a professional 100%, has an amazing ear for music and ideas that shape a project for the better. But most of all - he’s a good human who cares about what he does and takes pride in delivering the best product that he can to you as quickly as possible. Working with him was amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to make their music project be (and sound) better. Matt’s contributions as a mixologist, vocalist, bassist, producer and general positive feedback provider have literally helped me make this project into one of the best music rides I’ve ever been a part of in my entire life. Reach out to him - you will not regret working with him for one second. Going forward, I will recommend him to anybody who will listen

Thanks Matt. Keep doing what you’re doing."

                   - Rapper/DJ/VT Hip Hop Legend, Fattie B.  (Belizbeha)

"If there's one word to describe Matt it's holistic. Whether behind the board or on the cutting room floor, Matt is a consummate collaborator and knows how to make the music come to life and sound just right."

-Nate Goyette (Songwriter, Recording Artist) Bennington, VT

"I had a great experience recording my new rock band with Matt Scott at AKIN Studios. Throughout the recording process I always felt as though I was at the helm of the project. It was established early on that the studio side was there to support my intentions fully and to offer input only if they saw a red flag or had a musically informed suggestion. We were able to relax and play our music as though we were just having another band practice. That in itself was a refreshing component of the AKIN experience. Matt has not just spent years behind the board. He has sat in the hot seat we all know so well of being the recorded musician. When you record with Matt you feel as though he is rooting for you and that he understands the pressures your band is going through in the process. It’s in an environment like this that great sound happens. And the sound? YEP!"   

        - Dave Cuite AFM local 14 active member. (Cambridge, NY) 

"With producing, recording and writing my own music getting songs over the finish line can be a struggle. Between learning to mix and trying to release new music it's important for me as an artist to have people in my corner with experience I don't have. I've been following Matt's music throughout different groups he has been a part of and jumped at the opportunity to hire him to work on a project with me. That project being a reggaeton inspired single that I had Matt mix and master. Primarily producing hip hop I had an idea of the direction but not a way to get there, after one revision we had the sound spot on and I couldn't be any happier with the outcome! Matt was prompt to get me multiple versions of the live track that I needed and did it all at a reasonable rate. I recommend any individual looking for a hand with anything related to sound get in touch with Matt Scott!

                   - Big Homie Wes,   (Rapper, Producer)